The Additional Educational Needs (AEN) department is committed to breaking down any barriers that might prevent a student fully accessing their education at Oldbury Academy. We are focused on high quality outcomes for all learners, and achievement and inclusion are the cornerstones of our practice. The department is lead by Mr J Cannon (Assistant Headteacher for AEN).

The AEN department offer a variety of support options to help pupils with learning, behavioural and physical needs to access the curriculum and progress with their academic and social development.

In-class support – This is used to help the pupil access the curriculum to ensure the pupil is included with their peers and develop their skills in a classroom setting.

Literacy Programmes

The department offers a range of programmes to improve pupil’s literacy skills and narrow the gap between them and their peers.

Sound Discovery – This is a small group phonics programme that will help to improve a pupil’s reading skills.

Enable + – This is a literacy programme that can be done in small groups or 1:1. It provides tuition in phonics and helps develop fluency and comprehension skills.

Rapid Writing – This is a small group intervention that focuses on developing basic sentence writing skills and introduces the idea of writing for an audience.

Corrective Reading – This is a group intervention that provides direct instruction and structured support to develop reading skills.

Word Wasp – This is a literacy programme which is delivered 1:1 for 15 minutes daily. It takes pupils back to early phonics skills to eliminate gaps in their literacy knowledge.


Specialist numeracy support to give pupils intensive tuition on mathematical skills identified as lacking through a range of Maths test. Tuition can be 1:1 or in small groups of up to 6 pupils.

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Programmes.

The department works closely with the Learning Support Centre to support pupils with Behavioural, Emotional and Social difficulties.

Making Choices – This is a programme to encourage pupils recognising that they have choices in how they react to situations. It encourages pupils to make better behaviour choices in the future.

Anger Management – This is a programme to encourage pupils to look at their feelings and how they cope with them. It encourages them to understand their anger triggers and find ways to avoid or control them more effectively.

Building Friendships – This is a programme to help pupils approach their peers in a positive way to make and maintain suitable friendships. It looks at making conversation, sharing and being assertive.

Pupils are identified for these programmes through observation and testing and progress is closely monitored.